Online ordering. Completely integrated & commission free

The only zero commission, completely integrated, white-labeled website & app solution for hospitality.

Online ordering, integrated

Our focus is to create great online ordering solutions for businesses like yours. Whether you need a complex system complete with table layout systems and split payments, or you just need a simple tablet to recieve new orders, our network of POS partners has your business covered. Just speak to our team to learn which solution is right for you.

  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Push Notifications
  • Consulting
  • Brand Planning
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The Bite Business Platform

Let's take a look at everything you get on the platform.

Online Ordering

With 99.99% uptime, you'll be online when your customers are hungry!

From the internet, to your kitchen

Once orders are placed, they're sent directly to your POS or make line so you can spend more time creating great food!

Responsive design first

Whether your customer stumbles upon your website on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone, you'll be ready to take their order. Every Bite Business website is built for mobile first!

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Get ahead of the competition

With your world class app ready to take orders for you, you'll be ahead of the curve!

Your business, in the palm of your customer's hand

It's no secret mobile phone usage is going up. That's why having a dedicated, zero commission app is crucial! Your customers will be able to order in under 1 minute, whenever they get hungry!

Built for sales

We craft every Bite Business app in a way that drives sales! Combined with a loyalty system, quick repeat ordering and user accounts, your customers will be ordering more, quicker time and time again.

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We integrate with you

It's no secret, every shop is different in some little way. That's why we integrate with your favourite POS provider! Simply put, we're the best at Online Ordering solutions. Whether you're running a pizza place, burger joint or cafe we'll point you in the best direction

Simple POS included

Running a small operation and just need a simple POS system? We've got you covered! Our Bite POS is set up to perfectly integrate to your website and app so you can start taking online orders from day one!

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Your Sales Statistics

View all of your crucial sales statistics from one location! Whether you want to dig into your app sales or you want to see what product sold the best on your website in June, we've got the tools to cover it.

Control Everything

Want to take the day off to go surfing? Turn online orders off for the day! Want to earn a bit extra? Send a push notification out to all of your customers! Complete control at your fingertips!

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Push Notifications

Want the power to send daily offers to your customers? With the in-built push notifications system, you'll be able to nudge your customers to a sale every day!

Run Special Promotions

Not only can you run simple text based push notifications, we also give you the power to run targeted messages that send your customers to specific products. That means if you have left over wraps one afternoon, you can simply run an afternoon special and direct people to your wraps!

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Always here when you need us!

Unlike big corporations, we're here when you need us! That means if you're in the middle of a busy Friday night and your website goes down, highly trained tech staff are ready to get you back online!

We want you to succeed!

While tech support is great, we also truly want you to succeed! That's why we take all feedback and suggestions on board in order to build the best online ordering solution for hospitality stores like yours!

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm